Thursday, 16 February 2012


infertility is a big thing these days, many women go through hell to get pregnant,so many reasons for infertility, but women as strong as theyare never give up.
to be a mum is something precious, the experience is one of a kind, and the giving birth is the most beautiful and wonderful thing one could ever imagine.
spoken to many mums, havent come across anyone who hated the idea of being pregnant, in fact some of them told me, they couldn’t wait to give birth and make another one!
for those who are unfortunate, may be coz of an illness or simply infertility, should not loose hope, trying and having faith is the way to go.
infertility treatments like ivf, icsi, iui, just to name a few are available, well at a cost, but its worth it. that bundle of joy u will hold in ur arms will make u think that money is nothing and nothing in this world can top up that.
so all those women who are struggling to get pregnant, don’t be sad or down, ur number will be up one day and ull be blessed.
it’s a long and stressful journey some of us have to take but that’s life, as long as we r trying and keeping the faith then all will be fire works!

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