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Mombasa real estate

Mombasa real estate

Lying in the Eastern coastline and next to the beautiful Indian Ocean, Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya. For its astonishing natural beauty and good infrastructure, the city attracts millions of visitors, mostly from Europe, every year.

Mombasa is indeed the centre of the Nigeria’s coastal tourism industry. The real estate industry of Mombasa is also attractive. A large number of apartments, house and condos are being built to meet the high demand. A number of eye-catching apartments and houses are for sale in the city at the moment. Buying an apartment or a house in Mumbasa is extremely wise because the value of the properties is appreciating by a good margin.

Over the last couple of years, locals and well as foreigners have showed immense interest in buying properties in Mombasa. That is because the city is a living paradise in the African coast with a steady economy. Additionally, Mombasa is both a natural geographic phenomenon and a key trade centre of the country. Apart than many government offices and administrative buildings, it is the home to the largest seaport of the country - the Kilindini Harbour.

Here is the list of prime areas of the city:

Kizingo: Kizingo is the home to The State House and the Provincial Headquarters. The Law Courts and the Municipal Council are also located here. There are many good schools all around this place. Most of the administrative buildings of Mumbasa are situated around Kizingo. There are many apartments and condos here to choose from. Executives prefer to buy a property here so that they get to live close to the office area.

Kibokoni: Kibokoni is one of the old towns of the city. It has many buildings with great architectural values. Fort Jesus is in here. There are many beautiful individual houses in Kibokoni. The schools and colleges of Kibokoni are of high standard.

Kuze: Kuze has an old touch to it but slowly becoming a cosmopolitan neighbourhood. The houses here are spacious. The environment is very greenish. There are many houses in Kuze for sale at good prices. Values of Kuze properties always maintain an upward trend.

Makadara: The name Makadara came from Arabic word Qadr-ur-Rahman which means “The fate of Allah”. There are many office buildings in this area as well as residential areas. Residential areas consist of individual houses and apartments. The area hosts good shops and markets.

Ganjoni: Ganjoni is a middle-class residential area. It is also the home of a big dry dock where thousands of people work. Many houses are being built in this area recently. Ganjoni hosts many attractive shops as well.

Tudor: Tudor is another middle class residential area. It is home of the Mombasa Polytechnic University College. Many apartments surround the area; many of which are for sale at lucrative prices.

Nyali: Nyali, situated on the North Coast, is an amazing up-market residential area. There are several shopping malls, banks, beach front hotels and post offices in the area. Buying a property here is a good choice because of the facilities the town has.

Bamburi: Bamburi is also in the North Coast. The area is the home to Mijikenda public beach and Haller Park, which is a nature trail. Adventure lovers can choose this area to buy a house.

Mombasa is mostly popular for its grand beaches, diverse marine life, lucrative real estate industry, five start hotels and friendly people. Buying a house in Mombasa is a very good idea; it is a good investment as well.

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