Saturday, 8 December 2012

Green Moyale
The face of Moyale is changing and a youth group is spearheading the revolution. The young men and women have ventured into green house farming and as NTV's Nimrod Taabu found out, the group is preparing to harvest the first fruits of their labour.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Golden Sand Resort,Diani

 Golden Sand Resort,Diani

Upcoming real Estate development.
Golden Sand Resort,Diani

 kind of reminds me of the large chain of hotel apartments in Dubai, Golden Sands
a project by well known developer 
Golden Sand Resort anElegant Properties will have  1, 2,3  bedroom apartments, hotel and shopping mall in Diani Beach.

T : + 254 731 286 286 / 708 103 103
P . O . BOX  32705  00600  NAIROBI , KENYA

Monday, 19 November 2012

Kenya Flag

Mombasa booming real estate

 Mombasa booming real estate

Housing Finance has opened another branch in Mombasa as it seeks to gain from the booming real estate market along the Kenyan Coast, ranked as one of the most attractive globally.
The lender is banking on the new branch to attract mortgage borrowers and property developers as it seeks to extend its reach beyond Nairobi.
Mr Frank Ireri, Housing Finance’s (HF) managing director, said on Friday during the launch that the coastal property market had emerged as the second most attractive after Nairobi, with a huge potential for growth.
“The Coastal property market is now very vibrant, and we believe it offers HF big opportunities to grow its loan book,” said Mr Ireri.
Rising urbanisation and the emergence of a secondary homes market at the Coastal towns has led to a steady rise in housing demand, a factor that has caused a jump in property values over the past five years.
Real estate firm Knight Frank estimates that property values rose by an average of 20 per cent in 2011 in the major urban centers of Mombasa, Watamu and Malindi.
The hike was only slower than Nairobi, where prices rose by 25 per cent in prime real estate, according to Knight Frank, placing the two markets as the leading in Africa.
Developers are now rushing in to gain from the housing deficit and high profit margins, presenting lending opportunities for development financiers.
 “Our focus would be to grow our branch network to over 100 in the next five years,” Mr Ireri added.
HF has in the past year been extending its focus beyond the Nairobi market, opening two branches in the satellite towns of Kitengela and more recently, Rongai.
Mr Ireri said that a wider branch network would enable the mortgage lender to tap into customer deposits as a cheaper source of funding. This is what has enabled the large commercial banks to bear interest rate shocks easily.
The mortgage lender announced a drop in its profits for the first nine months as high financing costs ate into its profit margins owing to high interest expenses paid on corporate customers’ deposits. Big lenders such as KCB and Barclays are set to post record profits owing to their minimal interest expenses.
HF is now operating current accounts throughout its 11 branches and the 99 agencies offered by Postbank. It projects that this will help it attract cheaper customer deposits.
The shift is informed by an amendment on the law enacted last year that allowed mortgage providers to offer general banking services.

How Nairobi bio-centres reap from human effluence

There is nothing adequate on the face of the round-shaped latrine at the Kibera School for Girls, located in the heart of Africa’s second largest urban slum, to reveal that the sanitation facility is the school’s source of cooking fuel.
Only a keen eye can track the green plastic pipe that runs from the lavatory to the jumbo two-plate cooker in the kitchen a few metres away. The pipe supplies biogas that is used to cook for the school’s 100 pupils.
Since August 2010 when the institution began using biogas from the latrine, the head teacher says the school makes monthly savings of about Sh30,000, which was initially incurred to buy fuels such as firewood and charcoal.
“The biogas has greatly cut down our fuel costs. We used to consume a sack of charcoal every day,” said Ms Anne Olwande, the headmistress at the school.


120000 families to evicted in Likoni,Mombasa

Likoni Mombasa Eviction

I have just come acroos this news item about a farm owner who has won the rights to have people who have settled on his land to be evicted.
This is indeed a very sad day.I just hope the local admnistration comes up with a solution to resettle all this people.The timing seems very odd just near elections time.
Evicting this people could mean a long battle.
I just dont understand where was this man when people were settling on his land?
I think the goverment should investigate how this happened and how he owns this land
I really do feel sorry for indigeneous coastal people who come from this area and dont even own a piece of land.

read the rest of the story   source standardmedia

Family rekindles
11-year-old order
The eviction order served on the Commissioner of Police Mr Mathew Iteere
Eviction must be?effected?without fail from LR Mombasa/Mainland South/Block 1/363, LR Mombasa/Mainland South/block 1/1031, LR Mombasa/Mainland South/Block V/109 and LR Mombasa Mainland South/Block V/110
When family began enforcing the 11-year-old order, police chief Adoli?asked the court to get other ways of settle the dispute

MOMBASA, KENYA: A family has obtained a court order requiring the police to evict up to 120,000 squatters and their properties from land in Likoni, Mombasa County.
But police are not keen to enforce the order, saying it would raise tensions in a region where the issue of squatters evokes powerful emotions.
They say it could easily lead to violence as the land houses churches, schools, mosques and several prime businesses, including petrol stations.
It also has police stations. If enforced, the order could wipe out close to 50 per cent of the properties in the expansive Likoni area.
The land is said to be under Waitiki Farm and is a massive 930 acres (376 hectares), stretching 100 metres from the Likoni ferry landing and encompassing the left side of the main Likoni-Kwale road.
Southwards, it covers swathes of Timbwani and Shika Adabu wards in Likoni Constituency.
To demonstrate the scale of work and dangers involved in the event the order is enforced, Coast Provincial Police Officer (PPO) Mr Aggrey Adoli has sworn an affidavit declaring, “security personnel within coastal region will not be enough to handle the eviction and demolition.”
According to the affidavit sworn on August 15 Adoli predicts “disturbances thereafter” warning that religious and tribal violence as well as separatism will surely follow any enforcement of the pending orders.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Zamzam sweets

sweets sweets sweets who says you cant spoil your self with some sweets every now and then.
I went to zamzam sweet shop to get some sweets .. mmm spoilt for choice

sexual harassment of women in Egypt

Is this the new revolution or just bad manners in Egypt?

source bbc
Campaigners in Egypt say the problem of sexual harassment is reaching epidemic proportions, with a rise in such incidents over the past three months. For many Egyptian women, sexual harassment - which sometimes turns into violent mob-style attacks - is a daily fact of life, reports the BBC's Bethany Bell in Cairo.
Last winter, an Egyptian woman was assaulted by a crowd of men in the city of Alexandria.
In video footage of the incident, posted on the internet, she is hauled over men's shoulders and dragged along the ground, her screams barely audible over the shouts of the mob.
It is hard to tell who is attacking her and who is trying to help.
The case was one of the most extreme - but surveys say many Egyptian women face some form of sexual harassment every day.
Marwa, not her real name, says she worries about being groped or verbally harassed whenever she goes downtown. She says it makes her afraid.
"This is something that scares me, as a girl. When I want to go out, walking the street and someone harasses or annoys me, it makes me afraid.
"This stops me from going out. I try to be excessively cautious in the way I dress so I avoid wearing things that attract people."

Monday, 20 August 2012

Prepaid SIM Cards

Prepaid SIM Cards

Prepaid SIM cards are an excellent way to make sure you get cell phone service that fits into your budget. You will have to pay in advance for the units on the cell phone. Most of these prepaid SIM cards allow you to have the service on the phone for a set period of time. You need to keep a close look out for this as well though because if you still have units but the air time has ended your prepaid SIM card won’t be valid. When you attempt to use the phone it will tell you that your service is no longer active.

In many instances you can make a phone call and get this service reactivated. You want to make sure the amount of prepaid units will roll over as well. There is a good chance that you won’t be able to keep the same phone number though if you let the prepaid SIM card expire. As a result you will need to let everyone know that number has been changed which can be annoying.

Many youths think they must have a cell phone due to all their friends having one. Yet we have all heard nightmare stories of bills coming in with hundreds owed for downloads and text messages. A prepaid SIM card will ensure this doesn’t happen. While your teenager will love being able to have a cell phone you can get some peace of mind from it as well. There will be no reason for them not to call you when they are going to be late and you should be able to reach them when you want to.

Most prepaid SIM cards are extremely affordable. Some of them are as low as three cents per minute. That is an excellent price that really can’t be beat by most cell phone companies. You also won’t be tying yourself to a lengthy two year contract like you will with some cell phone companies.

These days you can easily buy prepaid SIM cards at most retailers and online. Make sure that they will work in your particular area code though if you get them online or that can be a problem for you. The more time you buy on your prepaid SIM card though the less expensive it will be for you.

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Red Pepper House

The Red Pepper House

            Located on the picture-perfect Lamu Island in Kenya, the Red Pepper House is one of the most beautiful places you can ever visit. Destined to be a beautiful haven for its visitors, the Red Pepper House has been stunningly designed to be the perfect get-away paradise.
            The Red Pepper House is situated alongside Kenya’s coastlines. From the hotel, you only need to take maybe a hundred steps before you can indulge yourself in the refreshing sea water. Oftentimes, you only have to share the beach with the other guests of the Red Pepper House. But, you may also get lucky to have the beach all to yourself. Imagine swimming in paradise and relaxing along its tempting shores while being given all the privacy you need

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Roosevelt in Mombasa 1909

from wikipedia

African safari

In March 1909, shortly after the end of his presidency, Roosevelt left New York for a safari in east and central Africa. Roosevelt's party landed in Mombasa, British East Africa (now Kenya), traveled to the Belgian Congo (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) before following the Nile to Khartoum in modern Sudan. Financed by Andrew Carnegie and by his own proposed writings, Roosevelt's party hunted for specimens for the Smithsonian Institution and for the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The group, led by the legendary hunter-tracker R. J. Cunninghame, included scientists from the Smithsonian and was joined from time to time by Frederick Selous, the famous big game hunter and explorer. Among other items, Roosevelt brought with him four tons of salt for preserving animal hides, a lucky rabbit's foot given to him by boxer John L. Sullivan, a Holland and Holland double rifle in .500/450 donated by a group of 56 admiring Britons, a Winchester 1895 rifle in .405 Winchester, an Army (M1903) Springfield in .30-06 caliber stocked and sighted for him, a Fox No. 12 shotgun, and the famous Pigskin Library, a collection of classics bound in pig leather and transported in a single reinforced trunk.
Roosevelt and his companions killed or trapped more than 11,397 animals, from insects and moles to hippopotamuses and elephants. These included 512 big game animals, including six rare white rhinos. The expedition consumed 262 of the animals. Tons of salted animals and their skins were shipped to Washington; the quantity was so large that it took years to mount them all, and the Smithsonian shared many duplicate animals with other museums. Regarding the large number of animals taken, Roosevelt said, "I can be condemned only if the existence of the National Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, and all similar zoological institutions are to be condemned."[51]
Although the safari was ostensibly conducted in the name of science, it was as much a political and social event as it was a hunting excursion; Roosevelt interacted with renowned professional hunters and land-owning families, and met many native peoples and local leaders. Roosevelt became a Life Member of the National Rifle Association, while President, in 1907 after paying a $25 fee.[52] He later wrote a detailed account in the book African Game Trails, where he describes the excitement of the chase, the people he met, and the flora and fauna he collected in the name of science.


Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya. Lying on the shore of the Indian Ocean, it has a major port and an international airport. The city also serves as the centre of the coastal tourism industry.
Also known as Mombas in colonial times, its name has been derived from Manbasa. This was the Arabic name of the former sultanate of Mvita, which had its capital here. In modern times the town is the headquarters of Mombasa District, which, like most other districts in Kenya, is named after its chief town.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is upstaged by a cute baby elephant in Kenya

I'm ready for my close up! Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is upstaged by a cute baby elephant in Kenya

By Laura Schreffler

As one of the world's most beautiful women, all eyes are usually on Gisele Bundchen.
But the 31-year-old Brazilian model found herself well and truly upstaged by an adorable baby elephant during a recent trip to Africa.
The stunning star looks deliriously happy in photographs she posted of her January trip to Kenya on her Facebook page today.

Read more:

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Every Penny Counts

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned During a troubled economy, such as the one we are facing today, people sometimes start scrambling for ways to save money. They start looking at their budget, or lack of one, and trying to figure out how they can make ends meet. The new goal is to figure out what expenses are a priority and what ones can be cut in order to afford more sensible and important things. Setting up a budget is easily done. Simply figure out your total expenses and compare that number to your total income. This will help you see where you need to cut back. Once you have that figured out, set up budgets for each of your expenses. If it seems like a daunting task, try to view your budgets as goals of where you want to be and start working towards that. After you have your grocery 'goal' set up, it’s time to figure ways to cut back in order to give you more leeway in your finances. Most people are overspending on their grocery bill in enormous amounts and don’t even realize it. The first things to lose are the drive-thru and take-out menus. Fast food can account for large portions of a family’s grocery budget, not to mention its’ negative impact on your health. Once you come down from the fast-food high, it’s time to change your actual shopping habits. There is one small trick that can help shoppers of any skill level save money on a consistent basis. An added bonus is that it takes little to no effort to complete. Couponing is a trend that is taking the world by storm. There are blogs devoted to finding the very best coupons or vouchers, T.V. shows that depict the shopping antics of extreme shoppers, and all kinds of different groups of like-minded people. Once you learn the basics, you will be couponing like a professional. There are two aspects to couponing; where to get them and when to use them. Coupons can be found from a variety of sources. They are typically in your local newspaper once a week, and this is the easiest ways to get them. Other ways to get coupons are through online sources and magazines. You can also ask a company directly for some ways to save money. This may not always result in a freebie or coupon, but is still worthwhile. Coupons are also readily available if you join a coupon trading group or sign up for a coupon train. In groups like these, people are able to get rid of the coupons that they won’t use, and gain ones that are more valuable to them. Like most activities, timing is important to couponing. In order to save the most money, you should match coupons with active store sales. This will allow you to get items when they are at their lowest price, which in turn lets you stock up on items so you won’t have to pay full price for them later. There are places to get advice on how to follow store sale cycles and know when a particular item is at it’s rock bottom price, but once you start doing it on your own it will come naturally after a few weeks of practice. Now that you know some beginner tips on how to save money on your grocery bill, it’s time to put them into action. Try starting off slowly, that way you don't get overwhelmed. As long as you make a small effort each week, the savings will start showing up time after time. Eventually, you will be teaching others your secrets.

Money Saving Habits

Saving Money Should Become a Habit Saving money in a tough economical time may seem like a daunting task but it can be done with a little diligence and hard work. Developing the saving money characteristic is something that develops over time, but we all can develop it with some practice. Saving Money should become a habit in order to live a comfortable stress free life. Money Saving Tips The best ways to save money is to look at your budget and determine what your necessities are and what your wants are. When trying to cut the budget the only items that are priorities are items that you absolutely need, the other stuff you will have to temporarily do without. Spending less can start with eating at home instead of out at restaurants all the time, taking bagged lunches to work , cooking homemade meals and snacks at home, brewing your own coffee in the morning, and buying in bulk when you shop. Saving money can incorporate shopping and finances by always making a list when grocery shopping so that way there is no distraction or impulse buying. Always use coupons , reuse the grocery bags from the store as small garbage can liners at home, consolidate all credit cards and pay them off as soon as possible, be diligent with your finances and buy what you need and sign up for an auto savings plan. Money saving tips can also include paying bills on time to avoid late fees, using cell phones as the primary phone in the home, get rid of the land lines. When looking for entertainment books and videos can be borrowed from the library or watched for free online. When looking for clothes for the kids there are always bartering clubs or other moms that would be willing to exchange their kids’ clothes for your kids’ clothes and that way you both save. Saving Money The key to saving money is to reuse and recycle and always look for deals. Reuse and recycle household items such as clothes, which can be swapped. Maintain your current vehicle instead of always buying new. By keeping your current vehicle maintained and whenever possible carpool to save on gas you will save a considerable amount of money. Walk or take a bike whenever possible. Join free online rebate clubs that give you cash back on purchases. Buy used and check out auction sites and get things at severely reduced prices. Sell items you have that you don’t have any use for, or barter for things you want. Saving money and spending less can be done on utilities as well by being a smart shopper and consumer. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of traditional bulbs this will cut down on energy consumption. Make sure the home is properly insulated; tune up the furnace, lower the temperature on the thermostat, use cooler water to wash clothes and weather strip your home. Making sure that your home is properly insulated will prevent heat loss from the home which can save or very high electric bills. Insulation around windows and doors can be as simple as placing a homemade snake made of old piece of clothing and stuffed with fiber or cushions and placed at the foot of every door. When shopping for seasonal items shop after the season is over, this is when everything is half price or almost free. This can be great for the next season. Always pay bills on time to avoid late fees and pay bills online if possible this will save on the purchasing of stamps. Many companies offer incentives or free rewards for those members that opt for paperless billing and payment processing. Always check for rebates, coupons, vouchers and sale items, sometimes with the right combination of coupons and sales discounts and item can be free or close to it. Some of these tips may only save you small amounts, but those small amounts soon add up and over a monthly or annual budget you will soon see the savings which will easily become a habit.

Top Mombasa Hotels

This is My list of the top Mombasa Hotels

Mombasa is often visited by tourists who want to experience the scene of white sandy beaches first hand. The area is also frequently visited by guests who would want to explore the tourist spots Mombasa has to offer. As with any visit to an unfamiliar place, you would need a place to stay and rest.
 For this, Mombasa offers a wide array of hotels, ranging from expensive and luxurious five-star hotels to affordable yet decent hotels. Hence, you are surely going to find a hotel which suits you best according to your budget and desires. Every hotel in Mombasa offers something different from the others.

Each hotel is uniquely conceptualized and specially designed to meet the needs of its customers. As Kenya’s tourist industry boomed over the recent years, the hotels in Mombasa have also been upgrading their services to ensure that satisfaction of their guests. Today, most Mombasa hotels have their own bars, restaurants and even activity centers so that their guests can have a more meaningful stay at their respective places.

Here is a list of some of the Mombasa Hotels classified according to their locations:
 City Center:

Castle Royal Hotel
• Hotel Sapphire
Royal Court Hotel North Coast:
 • Club Sun N’ Sand
• Hemingways Resort
• Reef Hotel
Whitesands Beach Hotel
South Coast:
• Neptune Paradise Village
• Sheshe Baharini Beach Hotel
• Shimba Hills Lodge
The Sands at Nomad

Friday, 24 February 2012

Fort Jesus, Mombasa Old Town

An Anchor at the world Famous Fort Jesus Museum located in Mombasa Old town Its actually a Unesco World heritage site Just like jemma El Efna In Marrakesh Fortjesus, Mombasa is a must visit if you are in Mombasa. Dont forget to try out the best cassava 'mhongo'crisps sold just opposite the fort.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Tuk Tuk In Mombasa Old Town

Tuk Tuk In Mombasa Old Town The best and cheapest Mode of transport in mombasa.Its also the most convinient drops you right at your doorstep, Well for most people. No need to wait for matatu's or pay the expensive taxis.

Kenya beach hotels

Kenya beach hotels there are different stay options for tourists they can select any one. These hotels make different arrangements for the entertainment of there guest like Kenya traditional dance. Hotels on diani beach are fantastic. The hotels offer a number of facilities for there guests such as swimming pools ,large rooms, well arranged dinning area etc.The names of some famous hotels in diani are waterlover,spice of coast and many more. Leopard beach hotel is located on diani beach. It is consider as one of luxurious hotel. That provides the facilities according to international standards. The excellent feature of this hotel which makes it different from the other is that it offer a setup for business man where they can discuss there business deals. Tiwi beach resort in Kenya is located near the beach of Mombassa. The style of resort is truly in Africa traditional style. They offer a variety of food people can select according to there taste. They also give facility of night parties so you can enjoy the party on beautiful beach. Mayfair hotel Kenya is the comfortable hotel for stay. The hotel treat the guest in a very good manner due to which they feel that they are in there own home. The hotel offer the spacious and well furnished rooms for there guests. There are also some facilities available in hotel are salons, wheelchairs, fast internet asses, gym gift shop and many more. Landmark hotel Kenya is the one of oldest hotel in Kenya. The hotel management claims that they provide such quality which no other can provide once a person visit there he would like to go there again. The hotel also provides the facilities of candle light dinner with soft background music which make the very romantic atmosphere.

Friday, 17 February 2012

First Blog

hello everyone, this is still new to me, ive been sitting staring at my mini net book screen thinking of what to write, im still not sure what im writing about but please bare with me,like i said this is new to me.
people say blogging is the new thing out there, so exciting almost every human being on this planet is doing it, it makes u wonder!.
heard about blogging a while ago, the first blog i read was written by my dearest hubby, at first i didn’t understand what he was on about, then it clicked me he was just sharing his thoughts with the world, i found it strange.
with his charming wits he manged to drag me into the blogging world and he we are, blogging! yepeee!
i don’t want to bore u with my first blog ever!, but i will do my best under the blogging oath, to write some fun, interesting, and worth reading blogs, in other words im planning to blow ur minds up!
ok folks catch u later

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mombasa one day tour

you will definitely love Mombasa ..good choice. there is lots to do in mombasa and you can also use mombasa as a base for going to a safari.… 1.The old town is must visit this includes the famous Fortjesus museum, there are shops nearby where you can get souvenirs and a chance to sharpen you bargaining skills 2.want to try swahili food? ask for island dishes or the recently opened bar aka restaurant (bikini road) 3.Hall er park ... a successful park from a wasteland.. 4.gedi ruins 5.mamba village -- crocodile farm 6.marine park 8.diving safari-- you can easily get good safari deals either from the travel agents or beach safari brokers or southern cross safaris you can spend a night at luxury tented lodge at tsavo national park or ambosel i. if you have time you can visit the world famous masai mara either by road or air. flights easily available in mombasa for an all inclusive try voyager hotel in nyali the hotels review here… or you can try reef hotel or whitesands. i also higky recommend visiting Lamu... a paradise island and a UN heritage site.…


infertility is a big thing these days, many women go through hell to get pregnant,so many reasons for infertility, but women as strong as theyare never give up.
to be a mum is something precious, the experience is one of a kind, and the giving birth is the most beautiful and wonderful thing one could ever imagine.
spoken to many mums, havent come across anyone who hated the idea of being pregnant, in fact some of them told me, they couldn’t wait to give birth and make another one!
for those who are unfortunate, may be coz of an illness or simply infertility, should not loose hope, trying and having faith is the way to go.
infertility treatments like ivf, icsi, iui, just to name a few are available, well at a cost, but its worth it. that bundle of joy u will hold in ur arms will make u think that money is nothing and nothing in this world can top up that.
so all those women who are struggling to get pregnant, don’t be sad or down, ur number will be up one day and ull be blessed.
it’s a long and stressful journey some of us have to take but that’s life, as long as we r trying and keeping the faith then all will be fire works!


Mombasa is an island in Kenya, im sure most of you have been there or heard of it its one the famous tourist destination in the world.
if u havent then u don’t know what u r missing, you pay a visit take my word you will love it.
things are really happening in Mombasa, good shopping malls,so many places to eat, beaches to go to, local people’s hospitality and of course their good nature.
its being nicknamed ‘Mombasa raha’, mainly because its raha, for those who don’t know, raha means fun, happiness.
so my good people, if u r looking for fun and excitement pack ur bags n run to Mombasa, u wont be disappointed, trust me, been there done that.