Friday, 17 February 2012

First Blog

hello everyone, this is still new to me, ive been sitting staring at my mini net book screen thinking of what to write, im still not sure what im writing about but please bare with me,like i said this is new to me.
people say blogging is the new thing out there, so exciting almost every human being on this planet is doing it, it makes u wonder!.
heard about blogging a while ago, the first blog i read was written by my dearest hubby, at first i didn’t understand what he was on about, then it clicked me he was just sharing his thoughts with the world, i found it strange.
with his charming wits he manged to drag me into the blogging world and he we are, blogging! yepeee!
i don’t want to bore u with my first blog ever!, but i will do my best under the blogging oath, to write some fun, interesting, and worth reading blogs, in other words im planning to blow ur minds up!
ok folks catch u later

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations for your first blog. I wish the best for you.