Saturday, 24 November 2012

Golden Sand Resort,Diani

 Golden Sand Resort,Diani

Upcoming real Estate development.
Golden Sand Resort,Diani

 kind of reminds me of the large chain of hotel apartments in Dubai, Golden Sands
a project by well known developer 
Golden Sand Resort anElegant Properties will have  1, 2,3  bedroom apartments, hotel and shopping mall in Diani Beach.

T : + 254 731 286 286 / 708 103 103
P . O . BOX  32705  00600  NAIROBI , KENYA

Monday, 19 November 2012

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Mombasa booming real estate

 Mombasa booming real estate

Housing Finance has opened another branch in Mombasa as it seeks to gain from the booming real estate market along the Kenyan Coast, ranked as one of the most attractive globally.
The lender is banking on the new branch to attract mortgage borrowers and property developers as it seeks to extend its reach beyond Nairobi.
Mr Frank Ireri, Housing Finance’s (HF) managing director, said on Friday during the launch that the coastal property market had emerged as the second most attractive after Nairobi, with a huge potential for growth.
“The Coastal property market is now very vibrant, and we believe it offers HF big opportunities to grow its loan book,” said Mr Ireri.
Rising urbanisation and the emergence of a secondary homes market at the Coastal towns has led to a steady rise in housing demand, a factor that has caused a jump in property values over the past five years.
Real estate firm Knight Frank estimates that property values rose by an average of 20 per cent in 2011 in the major urban centers of Mombasa, Watamu and Malindi.
The hike was only slower than Nairobi, where prices rose by 25 per cent in prime real estate, according to Knight Frank, placing the two markets as the leading in Africa.
Developers are now rushing in to gain from the housing deficit and high profit margins, presenting lending opportunities for development financiers.
 “Our focus would be to grow our branch network to over 100 in the next five years,” Mr Ireri added.
HF has in the past year been extending its focus beyond the Nairobi market, opening two branches in the satellite towns of Kitengela and more recently, Rongai.
Mr Ireri said that a wider branch network would enable the mortgage lender to tap into customer deposits as a cheaper source of funding. This is what has enabled the large commercial banks to bear interest rate shocks easily.
The mortgage lender announced a drop in its profits for the first nine months as high financing costs ate into its profit margins owing to high interest expenses paid on corporate customers’ deposits. Big lenders such as KCB and Barclays are set to post record profits owing to their minimal interest expenses.
HF is now operating current accounts throughout its 11 branches and the 99 agencies offered by Postbank. It projects that this will help it attract cheaper customer deposits.
The shift is informed by an amendment on the law enacted last year that allowed mortgage providers to offer general banking services.

How Nairobi bio-centres reap from human effluence

There is nothing adequate on the face of the round-shaped latrine at the Kibera School for Girls, located in the heart of Africa’s second largest urban slum, to reveal that the sanitation facility is the school’s source of cooking fuel.
Only a keen eye can track the green plastic pipe that runs from the lavatory to the jumbo two-plate cooker in the kitchen a few metres away. The pipe supplies biogas that is used to cook for the school’s 100 pupils.
Since August 2010 when the institution began using biogas from the latrine, the head teacher says the school makes monthly savings of about Sh30,000, which was initially incurred to buy fuels such as firewood and charcoal.
“The biogas has greatly cut down our fuel costs. We used to consume a sack of charcoal every day,” said Ms Anne Olwande, the headmistress at the school.


120000 families to evicted in Likoni,Mombasa

Likoni Mombasa Eviction

I have just come acroos this news item about a farm owner who has won the rights to have people who have settled on his land to be evicted.
This is indeed a very sad day.I just hope the local admnistration comes up with a solution to resettle all this people.The timing seems very odd just near elections time.
Evicting this people could mean a long battle.
I just dont understand where was this man when people were settling on his land?
I think the goverment should investigate how this happened and how he owns this land
I really do feel sorry for indigeneous coastal people who come from this area and dont even own a piece of land.

read the rest of the story   source standardmedia

Family rekindles
11-year-old order
The eviction order served on the Commissioner of Police Mr Mathew Iteere
Eviction must be?effected?without fail from LR Mombasa/Mainland South/Block 1/363, LR Mombasa/Mainland South/block 1/1031, LR Mombasa/Mainland South/Block V/109 and LR Mombasa Mainland South/Block V/110
When family began enforcing the 11-year-old order, police chief Adoli?asked the court to get other ways of settle the dispute

MOMBASA, KENYA: A family has obtained a court order requiring the police to evict up to 120,000 squatters and their properties from land in Likoni, Mombasa County.
But police are not keen to enforce the order, saying it would raise tensions in a region where the issue of squatters evokes powerful emotions.
They say it could easily lead to violence as the land houses churches, schools, mosques and several prime businesses, including petrol stations.
It also has police stations. If enforced, the order could wipe out close to 50 per cent of the properties in the expansive Likoni area.
The land is said to be under Waitiki Farm and is a massive 930 acres (376 hectares), stretching 100 metres from the Likoni ferry landing and encompassing the left side of the main Likoni-Kwale road.
Southwards, it covers swathes of Timbwani and Shika Adabu wards in Likoni Constituency.
To demonstrate the scale of work and dangers involved in the event the order is enforced, Coast Provincial Police Officer (PPO) Mr Aggrey Adoli has sworn an affidavit declaring, “security personnel within coastal region will not be enough to handle the eviction and demolition.”
According to the affidavit sworn on August 15 Adoli predicts “disturbances thereafter” warning that religious and tribal violence as well as separatism will surely follow any enforcement of the pending orders.