Monday, 20 February 2012

Kenya beach hotels

Kenya beach hotels there are different stay options for tourists they can select any one. These hotels make different arrangements for the entertainment of there guest like Kenya traditional dance. Hotels on diani beach are fantastic. The hotels offer a number of facilities for there guests such as swimming pools ,large rooms, well arranged dinning area etc.The names of some famous hotels in diani are waterlover,spice of coast and many more. Leopard beach hotel is located on diani beach. It is consider as one of luxurious hotel. That provides the facilities according to international standards. The excellent feature of this hotel which makes it different from the other is that it offer a setup for business man where they can discuss there business deals. Tiwi beach resort in Kenya is located near the beach of Mombassa. The style of resort is truly in Africa traditional style. They offer a variety of food people can select according to there taste. They also give facility of night parties so you can enjoy the party on beautiful beach. Mayfair hotel Kenya is the comfortable hotel for stay. The hotel treat the guest in a very good manner due to which they feel that they are in there own home. The hotel offer the spacious and well furnished rooms for there guests. There are also some facilities available in hotel are salons, wheelchairs, fast internet asses, gym gift shop and many more. Landmark hotel Kenya is the one of oldest hotel in Kenya. The hotel management claims that they provide such quality which no other can provide once a person visit there he would like to go there again. The hotel also provides the facilities of candle light dinner with soft background music which make the very romantic atmosphere.

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