Saturday, 15 November 2014

Leaders demand arrest of men who stripped woman in public

Leaders demand arrest of men who stripped woman in public


Leaders have condemned the recent stripping of a woman by a section of the public in Donholm, Nairobi on claims that she was indecently dressed saying the action was unreasonable and unlawful.
At the same time, they have called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the police officer who assaulted and raped a woman at a police station and the mysterious death of her three-month-old son during her ordeal.
Senate Committee on Health vice-chairperson Zipporah Kittony, National Assembly Committee on Health Chair Rachael Nyamai, Nominated Senator Godliver Nanjira, Senator Mohammed Kuti, among others, jointly said that violence against women in any form is not allowed in the Constitution.
“They stripped her not only of her clothes but of her dignity and person. It defeats logic that individuals who were purportedly concerned about decency proceeded to strip the lady naked.”
“This act is a national shame and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms,” said Ms Kittony.
She was speaking on the sidelines of a health and devolution seminar at the Flamingo Beach Hotel in Mombasa.
In her remarks, Ms Nyamai, who is also Kitui South MP, warned that stripping of women and similar acts are likely to make visitors shy away from visiting the country out of fear of being victims of the same.
“Such actions will make people stop coming to Kenya. There are visitors, some of whom are not Kenyans, who like to wear such clothing especially during hot seasons and they may fear they will be stripped as well,” the MP said stressing that Kenya is a secular country.
Nominated Senator Godliver Nanjira said that they will strengthen the existing laws on human rights such that perpetrators of gender-based violence are punished severely.
The leaders, who urged the police to arrest the perpetrators, further added that there is no law on the way people should dress in the country and that in any case Kenya is a civilized country.
The legislators are meeting in a two-day forum to discuss the progress and challenges facing the health sector since the devolution of health services. more from nation

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