Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Top Mombasa Hotels

This is My list of the top Mombasa Hotels

Mombasa is often visited by tourists who want to experience the scene of white sandy beaches first hand. The area is also frequently visited by guests who would want to explore the tourist spots Mombasa has to offer. As with any visit to an unfamiliar place, you would need a place to stay and rest.
 For this, Mombasa offers a wide array of hotels, ranging from expensive and luxurious five-star hotels to affordable yet decent hotels. Hence, you are surely going to find a hotel which suits you best according to your budget and desires. Every hotel in Mombasa offers something different from the others.

Each hotel is uniquely conceptualized and specially designed to meet the needs of its customers. As Kenya’s tourist industry boomed over the recent years, the hotels in Mombasa have also been upgrading their services to ensure that satisfaction of their guests. Today, most Mombasa hotels have their own bars, restaurants and even activity centers so that their guests can have a more meaningful stay at their respective places.

Here is a list of some of the Mombasa Hotels classified according to their locations:
 City Center:

Castle Royal Hotel
• Hotel Sapphire
Royal Court Hotel North Coast:
 • Club Sun N’ Sand
• Hemingways Resort
• Reef Hotel
Whitesands Beach Hotel
South Coast:
• Neptune Paradise Village
• Sheshe Baharini Beach Hotel
• Shimba Hills Lodge
The Sands at Nomad

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