Thursday, 28 February 2013

Is dubai The best country ?

 Is dubai The best country in the World?

Are you thinking about moving abroad with family? Would you like to work with people from different corners of the world? Do you want to live and work in a place that is amazing as well as full of opportunities? How about 'Dubai'? Let us discover what's amazing about Dubai.
Dubai is the city with the largest population of 2,106,177 in UAE. Here people from different corners of the world come to earn a livelihood and to fulfill dreams. Do you know, the population of Dubai consist of 53% Indians, 17% Emirates, 13.3 % Pakistan 7.5 % Bangladeshi 2.5 % Filipino, 1.5 % Srilankans, 0.3 % Americans, and 5.7 % of other countries. Dubai sounds to be another smaller paradise.
Dubai has developed to a great extent in last 20 years. The most beautiful feature is certainly the luxurious Dubai lifestyle which attracts vacation lovers, shopping devotees and enthusiastic people willing to work in an exciting and amazing place.
Do you know that Rich Dubai started its evolution from a small fishing village and then it moved leaps and bounds towards a trading center? Since then Dubai is known to be an international commercial centre. The commercial journey started with a magnificent industry trading pearls and also by gold re-exporting. Let’s not forget the crude oil industry that started it all.
The presence of the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa, the largest shopping malls, the gold souk, trading centers, luxury Dubai hotels and varieties of cuisines with endless shopping materials from clothing to footwear, promises a memorable and cherished experience of leisure and it also promises us safety and security with a friendly atmosphere.

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