Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Malaria Prevention

Malaria Prevention

With more than 500 million cases of Malaria diagnosed annually, preventative measures have to be put into place. This is often very expensive though and that becomes a problem due to most of the cases occurring in very poor third world countries. There are two main objectives when it comes to the issue of Malaria prevention. First, to reduce the number of mosquitoes out there that can carry the parasites. Second, to offer effective vaccines to individuals so they will be less susceptible to it.

The most effective way to control the number of mosquitoes out there that can bite a person and give them Malaria is to spray insecticides. There has to be a balance though of what will kill them but also won’t harm people, animals, and crops. The mosquitoes that do survive such sprayings end up immune to what is being used. The problem is that with their resistance more powerful chemicals are needed in order to effectively reduce their numbers.

Offering effective vaccinations is a key element in preventing Malaria. These vaccines are often required before anyone from another country can travel to a destination where Malaria is very prevalent. Verification that the vaccination has taken place will be required before you can enter that country.

Yet these vaccines also begin to lose their effectiveness as the mosquitoes become more resistant to the chemicals used to kill them. Researchers must continue to track what is effective and what isn’t for vaccines. Many individuals from relief efforts volunteer their time to give these vaccines to the people that live in areas where Malaria runs rampant.

Ongoing research will also help to prevent Malaria in the future. Finding a very effective vaccine that can take care of it without modifications will be difficult to secure. Yet with the technology that scientists and researchers have available it is hopeful they will come up with something that is quite effective.

Individuals should do all they can to protect themselves from mosquito bites as well. Use a spray that contains DEET. Apply it every couple of hours in locations where mosquitoes are out in large numbers. Wearing long sleeved shirts and pants in the morning and the evening when mosquitoes are out is important. Screens should also be placed around living quarters in order to prevent mosquitoes from coming inside with you.

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