Sunday, 6 January 2013

Free SIM Cards

Free SIM Cards

You have likely heard the various advertisements around about free SIM cards. Yet you do need to be very careful about such offers. Chances are what you get for free isn’t going to do you much good. Free SIM cards aren’t going to get you cell phone service and so you will be charged for that. Even if the phone that the SIM card goes into doesn’t cost you anything you will have either a rate plan or a per minute charge.

These may apply to ongoing cell phone usage plans as well as to prepaid plans. Those that allow you to prepay for service are very effective for individuals without credit or no credit. They are also good for youths that don’t have the ability to get a cell phone through a business. This way you pay in advance and know how much time you can use the cell phone.

Free SIM card offers are often nothing more than just a ploy to get you to take part in the portion of the process that you do need to pay for. Make sure you are very cautious about advancing with such products. You definitely don’t want to be taken advantage of because you didn’t read all of the fine print.

Some companies do offer a full size free SIM card though that you can have as a back up. This way you will be able to insert it into your phone, copy material, and then have it should your phone have problems. You can also insert it into another model of phone with the same manufacturer. This is a way those that your SIM card information can be stolen so be very careful.

In reality, for most people a free SIM card isn’t anything to get excited about. They aren’t going to provide you with very much value. With the cost of cell phone service continuing to drop all the time they are affordable enough to get with one. There is very little reason why you should have to go out of your way to piece together your own cell phone plan this way. It simply is going to be time consuming and not really beneficial to you.

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